Workshop in Wokingham (UK)

Workshop in Wokingham (UK)

Hi all

Whats up?

Today just a advertising post

Dont miss my Workshop in the UK

Its a two day class in Wokingham

If you like to see, know, do everything in Calvinstyle….. dont miss it

Have fun


My next international workshop in english language will be in the UK (Wokingham). 
I am so excited and happy to show you all my secrets it photography, lighting and post production


We havae only a few spots left for this event. 
If you are interested in this two day class, you fill find more information on this file

If you like to come to the UK and join this Workshop, write me a email
But before you sign up make sure you have much space in your head for many many informations :-)


7 Responses to “Workshop in Wokingham (UK)”

  1. Scot Baston says:

    Is this at Gareth’s Studio? if so, you are in for a treat!

    Would love to be there for your course, but maybe next time

    Have a great time!

  2. Hi Calvin,

    I would like to attend both the classes in Wokingham and I definitely “have much space in your head for many many informations” :p

    Please drop me an email back with how I can confirm my place.



  3. Okan Guney says:

    Hi Calvin,

    I would like to attend both workshops in Wokingham. I also have a friend, Micheal that would also like to attend both days.

    Please drop me a line to confirm 2 places for both of your workshops.


  4. Calvin says:

    You ve got a email Okan

    lg Calvin

  5. JeanM says:

    Hi Calvin i’m interested in your workshop, where do i have to send an emaill?

  6. Calvin says:

    Please send to

    lg calvin

  7. spike says:

    Hi Calvin,

    I missed this workshop. Do you plan to do any more?


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