What can i say ?

Hi all

Whats up?

Its hard for me to post today.

Cause i feel so bad. I do not post often here.

Don’t ask me why…. i don’t know.

I post everyday on my german blog (for 3 years now).

But i am not able to post here every week.

Shame on me

Last days……

Hi all

You still follow this blog? Thank you

I was sooo busy but today its time for a english blogpost.

I like to write about my last days and what happen in future.

And the good thing is… i have only good news

So have fun with the todays blogpost

Wokingham / UK …… the good Part

Hi all

Today i like to write again about my trip to U.K

But this time about the good part

If you like to take a look at the "bad" part CLICK

I like to show you today some pictures and i like to write about the workshop. 

I have also news about the …

My experience with Holiday Inn

Hi all

Whats up?

A few days ago i was in the U.K

I have to made some bad experience with the Hotel “Holliday Inn” in Wokingham.

And today i like to share this experience.

Please think about it and if you like to help me you can share the video


Hi all

Whats up? Everything is fine?

Today i like to post about a very special workshop.

The workshop is in germany but i teach in english (FREEAAKKKYYY)

And its all about my business, retouching and photography

Have fun with the post today

Hope to see you in germany

Project Photographer on Kelbytraining.com

Hi all

Whats up?

Today i like to write about my latest training on Kelbytraining.com

Do you know my pictures of the project photographer?

I ve got so many questions how i did these pictures

Here is the answer

Have fun with the post today

Photoshop Tutorial/Story “The police, the thief and the details”

Hi my friends

Whats up?

OMG today i have a tutorial for you that is very special

Its not only a tutorial, its a story.

Belive me i am not a good “soryteller” (is that the right word?)

But i think its more funny to watch

Have fun and let me know what you think


Hi all

Whats up?

Today i like to show you some pictures.

The pictures are from different kind of jobs and shootings.

I hope you like some of them

If you have questions, let me know.


So busy……

Hi all

Let me guess…

You already know that i am very busy at the moment.

And? Yes, you are right.

Its very hard for me to do the english blogposts, cause i need much time to write in english.

Anyway.. i have some news for you and a few pictures.

Have fun…

Workshop in Wokingham (UK)

Hi all

Whats up?

Today just a advertising post

Dont miss my Workshop in the UK

Its a two day class in Wokingham

If you like to see, know, do everything in Calvinstyle….. dont miss it

Have fun

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